Stay at home moms that are not engaged in self development have higher chances to develop depression .

May 05, 2020

Many parents ( especially men ) may think that staying at home taking care of the kids is an easy job ... 

Like how can a woman complain when she has the privilege to stay at home and raise her own child ?
I have been stay at home dad for quite a bit while building my business and taking care of the kids in the same time - even with help is challenging to say the least and only when you get into the shoes of the stay at home parent then you start to REALLY understand the challenges in being a stay at home parent - let alone stay at home mom - especially when the transition is from having a carrier or a business to be 100% stay at home parent .
Think about it ... how many changes a woman goes through when she becomes stay at home mom ?
Suddenly there might be a shift in the identity : before she was a busy career woman and now she is not doing much other then raising the kids .
Suddenly there is no more time to hang out : taking care of the kids is exhausting - so there are less coffee with friends and less going out - so it tends to become a bit lonely.
Privacy becomes a privilege : she can't take care of herself as she used to and the child is always first in the priority .
And of course if she is staying at home she is expected to cook & tidy up and take care of other household things - and it all become too much ...
In that sense not only she need to deal with all the challenges above but she is very really helped and understood as in , hey , raising a child is not a ' real job ' .
With all the physical challenge that comes with taking care of a child or kids combined with the psychological challenge of identity loss , negative self talk and lack of understanding and support from the partner or the environment there is no surprise that at some stage women get to a braking point and start showing signs of depression...
They become less energetic , in some sense apathetic , angry and generally sad ...
Not surprisingly it leads to challenges in the relationship and marriage and in many cases it might end up with divorce .
With a series of interviews and researches I have conducted with stay at home moms I have discovered that there was a huge difference in the wellbeing and energy level between stay at home moms that accepted their identity as stay at home moms and those who chose to engage in self development and even more start their own business.
In all of the cases the growth that starting a business and the learning process gave them with all the challenges of raising kids in the same time gave them the ability to rebuild their confidence , develop new skills  find supportive environment and get back their independence because they started to generate income WHILE staying at home ...
That made them much more stronger , confident and desirable and once again - not surprisingly the relationships and marriages tend to strive when this is the new conditions.
So yes - Stay at home moms depression is real and it hits many women...
However with the right support , the right mindset and the understanding that it is possible to both rase a child and become successful business owner - stay at home moms ( and dads ) can completely transform both their future as well as their families .

Do you feel unfulfilled and misunderstood as a stay at home mom or a parent ?
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