What are you chasing and why you never get there ?

Jul 15, 2020

Have you ever felt like no matter what is happening in your life - you always have some hole of un fulfilment ?

It feels like you are always chasing something and then when you get it - you are not settled .

I had this conversation a while back with a friend of mine that told me :
‘ You know - seems like all my friends have everything : Happy marriage , great kids , their own apartment , great car , great job , nice income - yet they are not happy … ‘ 

Does it sounds familiar ?
Maybe you are making a lot of money and maybe you are making just enough for your current lifestyle but in the end of the day you just can’t settle or be happy and you always want more .

If you do tend to feel this way - then don’t worry … as you see other have the same concerns .

Tony Robbins in one of his seminars said something powerful …

Money is and amplifier of who you are .

If you have a lot of money and you are an asshole then you will not suddenly become a better person - you might just be a bigger asshole …

Same goes for happiness or fulfilment …

If you are not fulfilled or happy in your current state , then more money or in that matter more ‘things ‘ will not make you more happy or fulfilled  - it will just make your feelings amplify .

So the real question is … how to achieve happiness ?

The answer to this question is on one hand very simple but on the other hand very hard to grasp .
Happiness is the ability to wake up every morning and first - be grateful for what you have .
Until you will not be able to create this fulfilment with what you have - no matter what will be your achievements , you will always feel incomplete in a sense and will always have this feeling that something is missing and it will just drive you crazy day in and day out .

The other thing with happiness and fulfilment is finding your life purpose .
Thats a tough one - I know …
But the most fulfilled and happy people you will ever encounter are those who found it and align their actions with it .

Finding life purpose is a huge topic and some people never find it .
The sad thing though that many people even never think of it or never have tried to search for it in the first place .

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